Audi City

Audi City is a new showroom format that uses technology to make clever use of precious city space. Visitors can experience every possible combination of the Audi range in a way never seen before in an Audi Centre.

The multitouch table

Information and joy of use in real time 3D
Using the multitouch tables customers find, experience, and configure their personal Audi.
Wrapped in a seamless gesture controlled experience, the tables offer fully virtualized representations of the product – live high definition 3D models of all Audi Cars. Customers interactively inspect the car in detail from different perspectives, open doors or roofs and call up related videos to explain features.

Gestural configuration and life size experience
With the aid of a simple responsive interface, showroom visitors can interactively create their ideal configuration.
By coupling the tables with the screens within Audi City, customers can project their configuration to the powerwall and explore it in life size.
Towards the end of the process, a configuration from any of the Multitouch tables can be transferred to the Customer Private Lounge for a personal sales discussion.

My tasks: Conception and technical documentation of the multitouch table (including car configurator) and its interaction with powerwall

Skills: Emerging Experiences, User Experience Design, UX Testing
Client: Audi